Free Resources and Tools for Learning STEM Online

Having you ever wanted to learn how to do something new, but didn’t know where to start? In previous years, you would need to look up local businesses and schools that might be able to help on this process.

Now, all it takes is a simple search and Google and you will be well on your way!

With more people looking to improve their knowledge and skills, while also expanding out into different areas, STEM has been gaining a lot of attention as of lately. This is even more true with all of the latest activity happening in space program and Elon Musk with his own space adventures.

As reported by STEM Camp, “Contributions from over 5,000 individuals allowed for a successful NASA mission—lowering a 1000 KG rover down safely over 200 million KM away from Earth! This remarkable accomplishment was achieved using many different STEM concepts, and many more will be used to conduct perseverance’s research! At STEM Camp we inspire the future generation of scientists and engineers working on these projects in the future—maybe even an astronaut that travels to Mars!

No matter if it’s simple technological advancements here on Earth, or traveling the solar system to explore new planets… it’s all about the daily advancements in science and technology that can make it all happen.

So with this in mind, we wanted to highlight some of the best websites, brands and locations where you can start improving your knowledge on STEM and what it’s all about.

Let’s get started.


Udemy is an online course platform and market place that allows for more than 130,000+ different online courses and learning materials to be accessed in one place.

Through the use of expert instruction and lifetime access, new STEM courses and content are being added all the time.

With courses available in topics such as Python, Excel, Web Development, Data Science and more… there are simply a never ending supply of materials and new resources to learn from.


YouTube is the largest video search engine in the world today, with billions of hours video content easily accessible at any given time. With YouTube being owned by Google, there are new updates and advancements going live all the time.

When it comes to finding the latest resources and training videos on anything related to STEM, YouTube is a great place to check out.

Facebook Groups

Whether your preference for learning anything is online or in the classroom, through the use of Facebook Groups, one can find the necessary connections and introductions to pretty much anyone.

When searching through Facebook, it’s important to find and join STEM groups that provide enough updates and information to keep them active.

While Udemy is a great place to learn and take online courses and YouTube is great for consuming content — Facebook Group would be ideal for direct user engagement and learning with others.

The Best Places to Find STEM Information Online

As you can imagine, the internet has an endless supply of information on anything you can possibly think of. If you like the opportunities in learning about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, then you will likely find an endless supply of resources to choose from.

A great way to approach this, is to simply start searching for what you like best, and then bookmarking your favorite sites along the way. You will likely also notice trending authors and publications that keep coming up in your research.

Be sure to follow those you like on social media, while also saving their sites and content for further investigation later one.