Costco Blogging and How to Start a Coupon Shopping Blog

Let’s be honest; we all love Costco. When you shop at this platform, it becomes inevitable not to get excited by their incredible offers. 

They have tons of great deals and provide you almost everything at a budget-friendly price. If you regularly shop from Costco, you will surely know what to shop from Costco and what to avoid. You can share your thoughts with the world by starting a blog to document your shopping journey at Costco.

But you don’t know how to create a blog? We are here to help you so, continue reading to start a successful Costco blog!

Choose the Right Blogging Platform 

Many blogging platforms are available, but WordPress is the best choice. It is a free blogging platform with everything you need to launch a successful blog.

However, if you want to have a complete hold on your site, we recommend you invest in premium hosting and buy your domain name. It will be highly useful for you since you create a blog to share your personal shopping experience at Costco. 

Pick a Niche 

Look, you can’t talk about everything on your blog. Also, you have to stand out from the rest, so it’s mandatory to focus on a particular niche. 

But this choice is completely yours, and if you don’t want to stick to a specific topic, you can skip this step. Besides, if you want to make money from your blog, then target a specific audience. 

Also, you have to come up with a unique yet catchy blog name.  

Create & Customize Your Site 

Next, you have to set up your blog with the help of your chosen blogging platform. Moreover, make sure to choose a particular theme to customize the look of your website. 

It should come as no surprise that most people prefer to read blogposts from their smartphones. So, please create a mobile-friendly blog. 

A perfect example of this type of content can be seen on the official Costco website and blog, as they are always highlighting the many different ways they are helping out in local communities and giving back to those in need.

After setting up and designing your Costco blog, add some visual appeal. You can do this by creating a unique logo or using high-quality images. 

How can you Generate Traffic to Your Blog? 

Use Keywords Wisely 

Don’t rely on guesswork and complete your homework. If you want to grow in the world of blogging, you need to harness the power of using the right keywords. 

Using the keyword tools can help to save time and effort. However, don’t rely merely on tools and make sure to do proper research. 

Apply the Basics of SEO 

Luckily, you don’t need to be an SEO expert to make your website search engine friendly. Following some basic SEO practices can also help to get the job done. 

A wide range of SEO tools and plugins are available at your services. Moreover, you can also watch some step-by-step tutorials to learn about SEO. 

Catchy Titles 

It should not surprise that catchy titles have a high click rate. On the other hand, boring and plain titles are get ignored by the readers. 

Want to create an attention-grabbing title? Keep these things in mind:

  • Use numbers in your headline 
  • Don’t forget to add the main keyword 
  • Trigger an emotional response (Like surprise, fear, excitement, great, curiosity, joy, etc.) 

Promote Your Blog on Social Media

With more users now on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook than ever before, this is simply one of the best ways to get more users and traffic to your site.

We recommend creating a new social profile on each platform that is specifically for your new website or blog. And if you need help in getting new social media followers, there are plenty of free and paid resources out there to help in the process.

Create Visually Attractive Content 

Being a human, we naturally love colorful and aesthetic objects. These can trigger emotional responses of our brain, so we feel more engaged. 

You have to use this science to grab the attention of your readers. Use clear, attractive, and high-quality images in your blog posts. 

Also, be sure to use trending hashtags whenever posting new content, as this is going to help people find your content randomly through searches on each social platform.

Blogging Tips Summary

Concludingly, starting a blog to document your shopping journey is quite a unique and great idea. 

To make this pipe dream possible, you must follow the above mentioned steps. By following them, you will be able to create a successful Costco blog and get a chance to generate a handsome living.